About Tosse Gas Company:
The best producer and distributer of technical, industrial and laboratory gases

Thanks to the grace of the Lord, Tosse Gas Company was established in 2000 in a comprehensive study on the needs of large industries, research centers, laboratories and research centers, and medical centers and contractors related to various industrial-laboratory and medical gases and it came into operation by mid-2002, when the modern and advanced devices and equipment were installed.
Tosse Gas Company adopts a transnational perspective and develops actively and dynamically as well as uses expert, professional and committed personels and it has been continuously attempted to provide customers’ satisfaction all over the country through continuous improvement of the quality in compliance with national and international standards.
The company is proud to provide the various gas demands of the contractors and major industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, refineries, railways, power plants, lasers, research centers and medical centers through producing, distributing and charging different gases. And now it is one of the most powerful producers of gases required in the country’s oil and gas industry, and it is included in the vendor list of publications such as SATSA (Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association), Oil, Gas and Petrochemical.
Tosse Gas Company at a glance :
Production of technical gases Calibration
Laboratory of periodic test of cylinder Transportation of gas liquids
Production of PPM and percentage mixed gases Precise gas mixtures
Gas analysis laboratory Precise quality control
Certificates Tosse Gas Company is proud to receive the Iranian standard badge and ISO9001-2008 certification.
N2 N2O O2 Argon Liquid argon Company news Azote
Coating spray Hydrogen economy Oxygen Isotope Telescope
Gas production Transportation Desalination Designing
The abundance of gases Optical fiber Gas liquids Gas tank Nitrogen
Helium Hydrogen Gas applications Cryogenic Mixed gases Special gases
Pure gases Toxic gases Industrial gases Compressed gases Super cool gases
Contact Information
Factory: Industrial Estate, Khomein City, Markazi Province, Iran
Tel: 0098-8646485155
Fax: 0098-8646485129
Head Office: Unit 4, No 328, North Soheilian Street, Shahid Sani Street, Narmak, Tehran, Iran
Tel : 0098-2177696030
Fax : 0098-2177263975
Registration No 456
Production and distribution of gases for oil, gas and petrochemical industries Calibration of industrial and medical lasers
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