The gas development company, believing in the principle of maintaining and improving the quality, will be the largest backing of each producer, and using experienced and experienced experts and using modern measuring devices, all of the gases are thoroughly and continuously tested. It evaluates and prevents any unauthorized impurities in its products.

In the gas development company, regardless of the type of gas demanded by the applicant, the quality control unit has been thoroughly investigated by the quality control unit first, and considering all the items mentioned in the standard test cycle and cylinder coloring to No. 6792 if the license is complied with Charging will be exported, otherwise the non-conformities will be investigated and the necessary operations on the cylinder will be performed, if approved, will be charged, otherwise the cylinder will be discarded and removed from the charging cycle. Obviously, the operation The above applies if the cylinder has a periodic test history L will be done.

After the cylinder check and approval process, a charge will be issued for it.

The company’s quality control unit is continuously sampling and analyzing the different charging lines of the company, and after completing the charge, the analytical label will be attached to the cylinder. Specific laboratory gases and calibration gases, which require purity of ppm and PPB, are ultimately charged with precision and control.